One-Stop Solution For All Your Real Estate Needs Across The Globe.
For Real Estate, Trust in Us, For Everything Else Trust In God. If We Can’t Make It Happen, Then Nobody Can!

RED GROUP is conceptualized by Founder & CEO and his trusted team. They embarked upon this journey together to build a robust company that catered to all the needs in real estate not only in India, but across the globe. To give a world class experience to the end user, RED GROUP has invested in latest technology, highly skilled talent, personnel with rich professional experience and solid research.

With a highly skilled team backed with years of experience, the group has emerged to overcome the challenges faced by many in the real estate domain and give an undaunted experience to its clients. It has been two glorious years with the business seeing a steadfast growth, achieving milestones along the way.

The management believes strongly in women power and has women as leaders in crowning positions. RED GROUP pledges to achieve high value for its clientele & stakeholders with its solutions and experience. RED is committed to provide an exemplary experience to the stakeholders by cutting ingenious solutions in ‘Real Estate’ for Individuals, HNI’s, Corporates, Builders, Residential Welfare Associations, Expatriates.

Product Mission

Rather than instruments of generating money, we are vehicles for accomplishing your objective by evaluating the tedious task of engaging a property so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

Social Mission

More than building an industry we believe in building people through holistic approach and to operate strategies in such a way that they shape the lives of employees, customers, especially women by unlocking their potential.

Economic Mission

Carving a path away from the lopsided traditional approach, we believe in creating a win – win situation, by creating a stable financial well being, increasing the value of our shareholders and expanding opportunities for development.


At RED, INTEGRITY is our only drive to deliver Excellence in what we do, to take pride in our Quality Service and Responsibility make our client’s experience truly valuable.

At Red we believe that our clients are our strength to build a profitable business. With this belief, we are developing a team of professionals who have the competence to understand the client & their requirements. You can vouch for us as, doctors to your properties. This is not out of arrogance, but out of sheer experience we say, “For Real Estate, Trust in Us, For Everything Else Trust In God. If We Can’t Make It Happen, Then Nobody Can!”.